Switch from blog address to a custom domain address

Friends,our blog address is what we get from Google. That is our Blog's default and free address.This is mainly a sub domain under blogspot .
Now, If we want this address to be any custom address. We first need to purchase a custom domain from market. Then follow steps as given below.
At domain name provider's control panel or admin page:-
Set the two CNAME as below

a)host = "www" and destionation = "ghs.google.com"

a)host = "V36KH2OQJULB" and destionation = "gv-XLQ7TT337K2MHXYXZ62TE5VO7BJ4YRLXTOBJBLIHL6LDZJYHI43A.domainverify.googlehosted.com"

Note: Wait for 30 minutes after above setting to become them effective.

At Blogger side:-
Select the desired blog and traverse as below.
Setting ---->Basic ----> Blog Address---->edit-->Advance Setting.
enter new custom address for your blog.

Enjoy !! 
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