90% of the population has a common complain that we do not have much time and how does everything get done?  But if we think deeply towards the solution of this problem then we will realize that effective time management is the only solution.

There are 168 hours in a week and a normal person has several things to do in this 168 hours like Sleeping, gym, exercise, check emails, chit chat with friends,  spend time with family, time for hobbies, shopping, office, attend events,  outings, reading, etc. But people are not able to manage all this things. What are the reasons that we are unable to manage time as per our requirements? Few reasons listed below:

So let’s take a look below on Time Management and ways to manage time

Time Management is simply planning activities and exercising those activities within a time frame, to increase productivity, reduce stress level and to achieve success.
Ways to manage time
       Set goals: Make specific long term and short term goals for personal life as well as for career perspective with their deadlines. And try to remain stick to follow your goals.
       Prioritize: Firstly understand what is important and in which order things need to be finished? And then plan out a schedule as per to do checklist.
       Organize: After Prioritizing your goals, organize your goals on daily basis with the help of computer or diary.
       Be tough with your time: Last but most important as per me. Try to use waiting time, stay away from time wasting things or people, recognize the road blockers of your life then try to get over from them and Start saying NO for the things that really don’t want to do.

Time management is hard to develop, but it helps you to achieve your destined paths. So let’s try to manage your time in your own way!!!!!!!!!!

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