Tips for happy married life

When we heard the word ‘Marriage’ One quote comes into our mind that is ‘Matches are made in heaven’ and some people call this Wedlock. In Marriage two opposite sex decide to be together for rest of their life to live the happily. If you are facing some problems in your married life and you want a new sweet beginning with your partner then try the below given points. They will definitely help you.

  • First and most important thing, always give qualitative time to your partner. BE PRESENT, time is money.
  • Never miss the chance to flirt with your partner like you have met her/him first time.
  • Everyone likes complements, so complement each other on daily basis.
  • Word are more impactful than actions, express your feeling through beautiful words.
  • Respect your partner, how much respect you give to your partner will come back reverse to you.
  • Honesty is the key for all type of relations, Stay honest.
  • Trust your partner and his/her decisions.
  • Don’t expect more from your partner, believe in giving.
  • Always take other opinion patiently for mutual decisions.
  • Forgiveness is the best quality for long term marriages, human being are meant to do mistakes but it doesn’t mean we can’t forgive.
  • Keep Transparency in relationship. By hiding personal things, problems or mistakes, you are allowing destruction in marriage.
  • Take out time for entertainment with your partner like you can go on romantic date, on long drive, candle light dinner, watch movie, do gardening together, cook food for your better half, etc.
  • How much misunderstanding or problems you have in your marriage life but always go to bed together.
  • Last but not the list, if you want to end any type of fight between you and your partner then HUG or KISS him/her immediately without thinking for one second. It melts your better half. Try it, it will work definitely.

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