A person highly depressed, frustrated, irritated, stressed, suffers from lowconfidence because of life events, work life imbalance, unhealthy human relations, suddenly gets an urge to behave and act confidently, with full enthusiasm and spirit. This sudden urge is known as “SELF MOTIVATION”.

When somebody gets internally motivated towards something and makes an attempt to accomplish his/her goal, that person does not need any kind of external push. He himself feels sufficient to motivate himself. In simple words, the inner force in an individual to do a task is known as SELF MOTIVATION. Self-Motivation is the key skill in a person which enhances a person’s personality and approach.  To understand more about SELF MOTIVATION, following concepts should be well known:

Motivation is what pushes us to achieve our goals, feel more secure and fulfilled and improve overall quality of life. According to Daniel Goleman, four elements are very important in motivation. These are:
·   PERSONAL GOAL: This means the inner drive in oneself to achieve goal.
· COMMITMENT: The purity in vision of the person to do a task with full dedication.
·   CLARITY: The goal and objectives of the person should be full-fledged clear.
·   OPTIMISM: Positivity is the key to success.
These four elements are key areas which makes an inner push to an individual to act and is socially acceptable in a personal manner.

For a person to get motivated there must be a motive which is reliable, assessable and achievable and highly important to the individual. Motives are the inner agenda of a person which is set as priority to achieve. The motivation can be INTRINSIC and EXTRINSIC.
EXTRINSIC: A person’s need- ‘earn because we have to’
INTRINSIC:  A person’s wish- ‘love because we want to’
To explain more clearly, let’s take an example:
Emic is working in an organisation because he loves his field of work. He is highly confident, satisfied and happy with his job. This induces him to work more hard to get more satisfaction and become loyal towards his work. This type of motivation is INTRINSIC.
John is working in an organisation and doing overtime just because of some financial crises and to feed his family and to pay off some of his debts. This induces him to work as hard to pay off the debts. This type of motivation is EXTRINSIC.
When we wake up in the morning with full zeal and happiness, we feel more comfortable at work. This means that even environment plays an important role in self-motivation.

  •  SETTING REALISTIC GOALS: The goals to be set in motivation should be real and original.
  • TAKE RISK: Uncertainty is linked with goals, hence risk is to be taken to achieve them.
  • COMMITMENT: How loyal and true are you towards your goal, determines your Commitment towards your motive.
  • CONSTANT FEEDBACK: keeping a record on the path and stages towards your goal, helps in achievement of goal.
  • CONFIDENCE ENHANCEMENT: as feedback shows the positives and loopholes in the path, the confidence of the person increases.
  •   SELF-MOTIVATION: with enhancement of confidence, the inner urge drives the person to behave more enthusiastically.

SELF MOTIVATION is of utmost important in 21st century because in today’s scenario, nobody is bothered to motivate or push others towards their goals. One has to take initiative himself and to be on track towards goal, self-motivation is required. 
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