Automate your website to hear content from other's websites or Blog.

Well, First of all I wanna make you very sure that we could automate our websites to fetch information from another websites. In addition to this we could also make our websites or blogs to send or publish our updated content , newly published content to                                                               other websites.

So, Is sending our updated content is worthy?  My answer is yes !! This makes our website page rank higher because we would have more number of back links for our website (our website urls which goes to others website are back links for our site). We could always send links to our website while sending content to other websites.

Now, how would this gets possible? This is the RSS technology (Really Simple Syndication). Most of the site which provides updated content more frequently (News sites, blogs, community etc) uses RSS to publish their content to requester.  It notifies an XML file to requester. These notifications are called "RSS Feed". The requester is mainly an RSS reader and could be a software program to read or parse the useful information from XML file called RSS aggregators. RSS aggregators software parse the xml and gets the meaning full content from publisher site.

These RSS aggregators could be a Desktop application like FeedReader ,  FeedDaemon  etc, online service provided by Google as "Reader" or others,  a mobile application or could be inbuilt with our web application code too.
Now we could hear content from others on an automate basis. We could always get content from too many sites at the same time as soon as they publish some new content.  Think !! we could be a centre for information from so many news channels and many more others sites of our interest.
We could also be a publisher if we want to make others up -to-date  of our new changes or even new post of blogs 

Thanks !!

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