Website not working without "www" as prefix . Solution !!

Well !! The reason behind this is very same as the one ,if site working without "www" as prefix (works directly as "") but not working with prefix "www" (www.

Actually, when we purchase a domain name for our website we are provide with a control panel or admin dashboard to manage our DNS setting. So again what is DNS?  No worries !! Its a very small concept.

DNS is Domain Name System. It manages the mapping for Domain name (  which we have purchase and IP address for the relevant content.  The DNS service provider is actually a registrar for the domain name . It on one hand charges from us as it maintain the mapping and provide Domain Name ( resolution service and on other hand he also pay to organisation like ICANN, VeriSign a very huge dollar sum. These organisation actually govern over assignment of name and numbers over internet, WHOIS data base etc.

oh, We are getting out track !! But I think you got solution to your problem. Am I right? Let me explain. You have some missing entries at your Advance DNS Setting at control panel or admin dashboard. Either for or or both.

Now next ,what is missing? The CNAME OR A Records for domain name not working.  We can make either entry as per our website host detail. The only difference between the two is , CNAME maps a  domain name or host name (a subsection of your domain) to another hostname. and A Records maps a domain name or host  name to a static IP address.

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